The 47th annual Protestant Reformed Young People’s Convention is scheduled for August 10-14, 1987. The Convention will be hosted by the Loveland, CO Young People’s Society. Plans and preparations are in full swing.

Registration will take place early Monday afternoon, August 10 at the Protestant Reformed Church of Loveland. The church is located at 705 E. 57th Street in Loveland. After registration, all conventioneers will be bussed into the mountains. The Convention itself will be held at the YMCA of the Rockies just outside of Estes Park, Colorado. The YMCA camp stretches over 1,400 acres and is bordered by Rocky Mountain National Park. This is an ideal spot for the Convention. Accommodations are excellent: spacious lodges, meeting rooms, a large auditorium. There are almost unlimited opportunities for leisure time activities: indoor swimming, roller skating, basketball, tennis, horseshoes, volleyball, miniature golf, softball, bowling, and more.

The Convention theme is: “Lessons From The Life Of David.” Our purpose is that by the speeches which develop this theme, the young people may be instructed and warned by the example of the life of David, the one whom the Scriptures refer to as “the man after God’s own Heart.” Our purpose is that the result of the Convention may be that under the work of the Spirit, we be made more and more young men and young women after God’s own Heart.

The three speeches planned are as follows. Rev. Ron Hanko will present the first speech entitled “David And Goliath.” Rev. Ken Koole will follow with a speech entitled “David And Bathsheba.” Rev. Wayne Bekkering will present the last speech, “David And Absalom.” Besides the three speeches, the young people will interact and exchange ideas in the various discussion groups that are being planned. We think we have some fresh approaches to the discussion groups that will be stimulating and make the discussion groups a valuable part of the Convention experience.

Once again, we are issuing a special appeal to the older young people, those in their 20’s who have probably dropped out of society. We would like you to attend the Convention with us. We have again planned some special activities for you, and believe that you have much to add to as well as profit from the Convention.

We would like to extend a special invitation to the families of young people who might be attending the Convention to take the opportunity of the Convention to vacation in Colorado. We have put together a special packet of information concerning campgrounds, recreational facilities, and all the vacation possibilities available in our beautiful state. In order to receive this packet, simply write to us at the address of the church: Loveland Protestant Reformed Church, 705 E. 57th Street, Loveland, CO 80537. Those parents who do take their young people to the Convention, we would invite to attend the three speeches that will be given.

Because of the fact that the Convention will be held at a camp in the mountains, the projected cost will be fairly high. For this reason we are encouraging all societies to sponsor at least two fund-raisers for the Convention. We are also encouraging once again the idea of individual patrons for the Convention. We would like every society to contact all of the members of its congregation individually soliciting a contribution towards the Convention.

We will keep everyone informed on the progress of the Convention. Monthly newsletters will be sent to each Young People’s Society. Periodic announcements will be placed in church bulletins, in the Beacon Lights, and the Standard Bearer. We ask parents, pastors, and Christian school teachers to promote the Convention among our young people.

Our aim in the 1987 Convention will be the fun and edification of the young people. We want you to have fun, good clean fun. We also want you to be built up spiritually. But especially do we aim at the glory of God in this Convention. In order to accomplish this aim, we will demand godly behavior on the part of every young person at the Convention. The few basic rules necessary for the running of the Convention will appear on the pre-registration form which will be sent out in due time. Those rules must be obeyed; infractions will not be tolerated. We ask that parents impress this upon their young people before they come to the Convention.

We in Loveland are pleased to be your hosts for the 1987 P.R.Y.P.’s Convention. We look forward to seeing everyone of you the second week of August.