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PRC news (denominational)

  • Classis East met in regular session January 12 at Providence PRC in Hudsonville, MI. Look for the report on that meeting in an upcoming SB.
  •  Minister calls:

On December 19, 2021 Rev. C. Spronk declined the calls from Doon PRC (IA) and Hudsonville PRC (MI).

On December 19, 2021 Rev. J. Langerak accepted the call to Covenant of Grace PRC (Spokane, WA).

Rev. J. Marcus continues to keep busy preaching and teaching throughout the PRC. He remains eligible for a call to the churches too. Let’s remember him and his family in our prayers.

  • Missions

India (from Georgetown PRC—late December update): Our fellow saints request our prayers as they await the renewal of their official license to receive foreign money for the support of the GHF [Grace Foster Home]. …Eleven new children who were rescued from abusive situations have been sent to GHF. The congregation is enjoying their special Christmas celebrations of singing and fellowship. New officebearers have been installed. The translation of the Three Forms of Unity into the Odia dialect is completed. These 3 Creeds (Heidelberg Catechism, Canons of Dordt, Belgic Confession) will now be distributed in parts of the Odisha State in India.

Myanmar: Rev. Titus has been battling illness as well as other struggles over the last few months due to the instability in that country. Let’s be in prayer for him and the saints there to whom he ministers.

Philippines: Rev. D. Kleyn and his wife Sharon spent three weeks in the States visiting family and friends over the holidays. In addition, they spent time with Doon (IA) PRC, the calling church for this field of labor. He preached there on Old Year’s Day, New Year’s Day, and January 2.

  • Seminary

By the time you read this, the PRTS will have finished the 2022 Interim course on Christian Education (Jan. 3-11) and faculty and students will be ready to start the second semester on January 18. Remember before the throne of grace the daily needs of the seminary.

Sem. M. Koerner (finishing his junior year) will be taking his senior internship later this year in Randolph (WI) PRC under the mentorship of Rev. E. Guichelaar. That internship runs from July 1 to December 31. A committee from the congregation has already been appointed to look for housing for Sem. Koerner.

PRC news (congregational)

First PRC-Edmonton: Her annual congregational meeting was held Friday, January 14, at the home of Al Stiksma. The congregation voted on the 2022 budget and was also invited to take part in an information/ question period. And, in case you didn’t know, they will continue to meet at Braeside Presbyterian Church (6 Bernard Drive, St. Albert) at 1:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. for an indefinite period of time.

Loveland (CO) PRC: Do we appreciate what our church janitors do to keep our buildings clean and comfortable? Probably not as much as we ought to. Here’s a note from an end-of-the-year bulletin that reminds us to appreciate them more: The pews and carpets in the sanctuary are getting cleaned tomorrow morning beginning around 9 a.m. so the sanctuary will be off limits. The congregation is also encouraged to pick up any large pieces of trash off the ground before leaving the evening service. Thanks for your help in this matter!

Lynden (WA) PRC: On Monday evening December 20 the congregation had a Christmas sing-along with Peter Wildeman and Joost van Belzen at the Lynden PRC. Afterwards there was opportunity to purchase CD’s and music. I’m wishing more of us could have participated in this!

Southeast (MI) PRC: As this church continues to look for a new building in which to move in the southeastern Grand Rapids area, a recent bulletin noted that the Council’s Long-Range Planning committee was looking at two properties that were brought to their attention. In the meantime, they continue to meet at Adams CS in Wyoming.

Unity (MI) PRC: This update from her Building Committee regarding building plans was found in one of her December bulletins: We have been working on several plans and options for our church building. We have been discussing doing the project in phases or as a complete structure. Building costs remain high so we are looking into what best fits as far as designs and options available to us. The Council has asked us to present them with three design options, along with costs, for their review. The Bldg. Comm. is working on drawings, utilizing a CAD program one of our members has access to, thus enabling us to present ideas to the Council (and then the congregation) before incurring the costs associated with an architect. In doing these committee drawings, we have heard several ideas from both the congregation and Council and are always willing to hear more suggestions from you. We will keep you updated as much as possible going forward.

PR Christian school activities

Covenant CHS (Walker, MI): The Student Council again sponsored its Gift Card Drive in December to help those who have need in the area Protestant Reformed churches. Those who wanted to participate could send to the school money or gift cards to grocery stores, gas stations, etc. A blessing to see this spirit of giving encouraged by the young people during the holidays.

Heritage CHS (Dyer, IN): To benefit the athletic department, an alumni boys and an alumni girls basketball game fundraiser was held on Friday, January 7—along with a bake sale. All alumni who played basketball at Heritage were invited to come out and help support HCHS athletics. Arrenellos pizza and desserts were available for purchase in the concession stand. I wonder who won. Depends on the age and condition of those alumni, I suppose.

Heritage CS (Hudsonville, MI): Over the holidays, faculty, staff, parents and children, and supporters all had the opportunity to give for the cause of Myanmar missions and the work of Rev. Titus. A wonderful cause supported by generous giving! May the Lord use it for the good of the labors there.

Hope PRCS (Walker, MI): Keep in mind the 75th anniversary of Hope PRC School on Saturday January 22 starting at 6 p.m.! The program will be held at Covenant CHS followed by an open house and refreshments at Hope School. Rev. J. Engelsma (a graduate of the school) is the guest speaker.

Sioux Falls, SD: Saturday, February 19, is the date set for the annual Pinewood Derby, sponsored by the Sioux Falls School Association. The event will be held in the Heritage PRC fellowship hall. Those in the vicinity should get their kits and start making those fast(er) cars!

Redeemer Christian School (Zeeland, MI): On January 11 the Board of this new school invited supporters and interested parties to a special dinner at the new RCS building (the former Beaverdam Reformed Church). Their goal was to use this time as a ‘meet and greet’ as well as for a tour of the new facility. RCS is also accepting applications from members of the Protestant Reformed Churches for Administrator and Teachers for Grades PreK-8 for the 2022-2023 school year. Interested applicants should visit www.redeemerchrschool. com/teach for more info.

Need for teachers! This notice was recently placed in a PRC bulletin. Because of its ongoing relevance, we place it here too: It is evident that there is currently a great need for teachers in our good Christian schools. Let us pray to our heavenly Father to supply us with more teachers. The young people, in particular, are encouraged to examine their gifts and abilities and consider whether God calls them to the blessed calling of a Christian school teacher.

Music notes

The Protestant Reformed Student Orchestra (PRSO) will hold its annual concert on Friday, February 4, at St. Cecilia’s Music Center in downtown Grand Rapids, MI.

The 2021 Hope Heralds CD, “Declare Your Praise” remains available. The CD can be purchased at Covenant Christian High School, Heritage Christian School, the Reformed Book Outlet, or the Protestant Reformed Seminary, or by emailing Karen Daling at thedalings@ sbcglobal.net. Cost is $10 in person, $12 if shipped. Word is they are going fast, so you may want to act soon.

Grace PRC Young People are planning another “Grace Night of Music” on February 19 as a fundraiser for the YP convention. They are looking for musical talent and those willing to perform a special number. Contact Jodi Koole at 616-724-8778 if you are willing to participate.