Report of Western Ladies’ League 

The spring meeting of the Western Ladies’ League of the Protestant Reformed Churches was held at Doon, Iowa, on the afternoon of April 26, 1957. 

The meeting was opened by singing our theme song, Psalter number 295 and also Psalter number 82. Our president, Mrs. E. VanEgdom, read Psalm 31, after which Rev. VanBaren opened with prayer. A word of welcome was extended by our president to all the ladies present. Our secretary, Mrs. C. Klein, read the minutes and our treasurer, Mrs. T. Kooima, gave a report. Mrs. G. VanBaren was voted as our new vice president and Mrs. S. Broekhouse as our new treasurer. Our president extended a word of thanks to the retiring officers. Psalter numbers 221 and 112 were sung while the offering was taken forThe Standard Bearer. The president then introduced our speaker, Rev. VanBaren, who spoke on the topic, “Lead Thou Us On.” 

Rev. VanBaren said this is a prayer addressed to God arising from the heart of the child of God and God answers this prayer according to His grace. 

What does it mean? It means that we have no trust in ourselves but in God. The child of God realizes a complete need for reliance on Him. We are dependent on Him for both our material needs and our spiritual needs. God must lead us in the truth. That is His promise and that is our prayer. God only is true so we must depend on Him for the truth. The child of God prays for leadership confident that God will lead him in the way—the way of life. It implies a certain goal which is the glory of God. It is the purpose of the child of God to glorify God.

Who are so led? The child of God and the church of Christ are led to eternal glory. The world is also led although they don’t want to be led. The world is led into eternal damnation. The child of God prays that he may be led. This prayer does not originate in us but is worked in our hearts by the Holy Spirit. 

Why is this prayer necessary? We live in a world of sin and iniquity and we have our own sinful flesh. We must ask God to guide us for His own name’s sake.

How does God lead us? Christ speaks to us and leads us through Christ through the Word—through the proclamation of His Word, It is the work of the Spirit whereby God implants in us the new life. God leads us and also supplies us the means to follow. 

As Christian mothers we must pray that God will lead us in such a way that we can instruct, guide, point our children to the truth. We must see to it that they receive proper catechetical instruction and that they come to catechism prepared.

After this instructive speech, a ladies’ duet from Edgerton sang for us. Rev. Veldman answered the questions previously sent to him by each society. A double duet from Hull then sang for us. Psalter numbers 71 and 197 were sung, our president thanked the hostesses, the Doon society, and Rev. Heys closed with prayer. 

We are thankful to God for revealing these precious truths to us and pray for grace that we may be faithful to Him and that all things may be done to glorify His Holy Name. 

Mrs. T. Jansma, Reporter 

Report of Eastern Ladies’ League 

The Ladies’ League meeting was held April 25, 1957, at, our Fourth Prot. Ref. Church. The meeting was opened by singing Psalter No. 14 and Psalm 105:5, after which our president Mrs. L. Jonker read from Scripture Deuteronomy 6:1-9, 20-25, 7:6-11, and led us in prayer. She extended a word of welcome to all the ladies present. A ladies’ Quartet from the Priscilla Society of First Church favored us with a number entitled, “Search Me O Lord.” 

The president then introduced the speaker for the evening, Rev. G. Lanting, who spoke to us on the topic, “The Duty of Covenant Mothers with respect to the Teenager’s Problems.” 

1. Problem—Teenagers are neither children or adults and therefore are in a peculiar position. They are beginning to take their own place in church, home, school, etc. They criticize the teachings of the parents and teachers, attempting to stand on their own feet. What must we do with the Teenagers? They are covenant children and have certain obligations to the covenant, therefore they must be taught. 

2. Answer or Solution. Training and Instruction. We believe and teach that the covenant is established in the line of continued generations, therefore as mothers we have a special duty in respect to our Teenagers. Our manifestation must be all things to God’s glory. We must teach them not to walk in the ways of temptation but to walk according to the glory of God. This takes wisdom and knowledge of God. 

3. Our duty with respect to that problem. God must be the object of all our love. We must live as a good example before our children always being faithful to God. As covenant mothers our main object must be to know and serve God, then and then only can we instruct and train our covenant teenagers to know God and what their obligations are to him in ail their activities. Bring to maturity in the fear of the Lord to live to his honor and glory. 

While singing Psalter No. 322, a collection was taken for The Standard Bearer, and our Hope and Adams Street Schools. The business of the evening was taken care of after which Mrs. J. Kuiper from our Hope Church gave a report on the activities of their Society. The ladies’ quartet sang another selection entitled, “All that thrills my soul is Jesus.” We sang Psalter No. 344 and Rev. Ganting closed our meeting with prayer. 

Refreshments were served in the basement. 

Mrs. H. Velthouse, Reporter