Lucas, vols. I, II. (Luke, two vols.) by Dr. S. Greijdanus. Published by J.H. Kok, Kampen, the Netherlands. Price vol. I f 7.95; vol. II f 7.50. 

This is the second edition of this commentary of the former Dr. Greijdanus on the gospel according to Luke. It belongs to the well-known series “Korte Verklaring” (Brief Commentary). This particular commentary on the gospel according to Luke appears in two volumes. The first volume contains, first of all, an introduction on the author, the purpose and the time and place when and where this gospel narrative was written, which is followed by the exegesis of the first twelve chapters. The second volume contains the commentary on chapters thirteen to twenty-four. 

I need offer very little comment on this commentary. We know that Dr. Greijdanus’ is always characterized by thoroughness, and this applies to this commentary also. This does not mean that we agree in every detail with his explanation. We would differ with him, for instance, in his explanation of the linen clothes in the open grave of Jesus after His resurrection. And so there are other details. Nevertheless, I consider this a very good commentary, written in popular form so that it is easily accessible to all that can read Dutch. 

Heartily recommended. 


Hebreen, Jakobus (Hebrews, James) by Dr. F.W. Grosheide. Published by J.H. Kok, Kampen, the Netherlands. 

This is a volume belonging to the set “Commentaar op het Nieuwe Testament). (Commentary on the New Testament). It differs from the “Korte Verklaring” in that it is not written in popular style but appears in scientific form and is based on the Greek text. This does not mean, however, that only ministers and students can make use of this commentary. Others may very well consult it with benefit. 

The first part of this volume is a commentary on the epistle to the Hebrews, the second part is on the epistle of James. Both contain rather extensive introductions on the authorship, readers, time and place of composition, etc. This is followed by an exposition of the text. Also of this commentary we may say that it is sound and thorough. Dr. Grosheide is a good exegete and writes a very clear style. 

We will not make any particular comment. Naturally, one differs here and there with the explanation of the author. But in a brief review this is hardly proper. Hence, let it be sufficient for me to state that I wholeheartedly recommend this commentary to our Dutch readers, particularly to ministers and students who are acquainted with the original text. 


Geschiedenis der Openbaring (History of Revelation) by Dr. J.H. Bavinck. Published by J.H. Kok, Kampen, the Netherlands. Price f. 12.25. 

The title of this book is, to my mind, somewhat misleading, at least, for us in America. Judging by the title we would expect a history of Revelation or of the Holy Scriptures, their coming into existence, etc. But the present volume offers a New Testament History. The subtitle is more correct: “Handboek voor the Kennis van de Bijbelse Geschiedenis” (Textbook for the Knowledge of Bible History). 

The present volume reminds one more or less of the well-known work of Edersheim: “The, Life and Time of Jesus” although, on the one hand, Edersheim is more elaborate, and on the other hand, it does not extend beyond the time of the Savior. The book of Dr. Bavinck, after a few introductory chapters, describes the sojourn of the Lord On earth together with His death, resurrection and ascension into heaven as it is revealed unto us in the four gospel narratives. And in the second part, it relates the history as found in the book of Acts, the outpouring of the Spirit, the establishment of the first church in Jerusalem and the extension of the church among the gentiles, especially through the labors of the apostle Paul. It closes with a few chapters about the end of the apostles, as far as it is known to us, and about the life in the church at the time of the apostles. 

A worthwhile book, which I gladly recommend to the reader. 


By Grace Alone, by Herman Kuiper, Th. D. Published by Wm. B. Eerdmans Co., Grand Rapids, Mich. Price $2.50. 

This book is a treatise on Soteriology or on the way in which God applies the blessings of salvation unto the hearts of His people in Christ. I am glad, indeed, that I can recommend this book to our readers. The reason is that what the author writes in an introductory note is maintained throughout the book: “There need be no doubt as to what answer the inspired writer of the Bible gives to the very vital question how lost sinners are saved and restored to blessed communion with the Most High. They declare with great emphasis that the Almighty. Creator of heaven and earth, who governs the whole universe with such a sure hand that nothing ever comes to pass except that which He has foreordained, also works out from start tom finish with sovereign and irresistible grace the salvation of His chosen ones.” I find that this is, indeed, the keynote of the whole book. In other words, the title of the book is true: “By Grace Alone.” Hence, apart from minor criticisms, I am very glad to recommend this book to our readers. 

The chapter on “Vocation, Regeneration and Mystical-Union” I find somewhat confusing. But, perhaps, this is no wonder. 

On page 32 the author quotes the fourth article of the Remonstrance of 1610. He calls it an “excellent affirmation.” This is true as far as he quotes it. But the close of the same article certainly mars its excellency beyond repair: “But, as respects the mode of the operation of this grace, it is not irresistible, inasmuch as it is written concerning many that they have resisted the Holy Ghost.” 

But read the book for yourselves.